Natural Progesterone & Libido

Natural Progesterone & Libido

The female body manufactures nineteen types of estrogen but only one progesterone and natural progesterone is the source of libido or sex drive in women.

ources of natural progesterone

Natural Progesterone is normally produced by the female ovaries right after ovulation and balances the side effects of otherwise unopposed estrogen.

Under the influences of dietary estrogens, petrochemicals, stress, and menopause, progesterone production ceases or is suppressed and the effects of estrogen dominance, can be observed.

It is not at all uncommon for women who have too much estrogen to experience Loss of Libido, mood swings, irritability, anger, depression, headaches and weight gain.

Natural progesterone cream, applied topically to the face, neck, arms, chest and fatty tissue areas of the body such as the breasts, the abdominal area, the buttocks, the inner thighs, etc., is stored in these fatty tissues for use as required by the body and has been shown to be the body's natural method for balancing the effects of too much estrogen:

observable symptoms/disorders associated with too much estrogen (estrogen dominance):

•Increased Body Fat
•Migraine Headaches
•Blood Sugar Irregularities
•Excessive Blood Clotting
•Reduced Vascular Tone
•Interference with Thyroid
•Loss of Libido (Sex Drive)
•Anger, Rage
•Uterine Cramping
• Water Retention
•Loss of Zinc, Retention of Copper
•Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
•Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer
•Increased Risk of Endometrial Cancer
•Restraint of Osteoclasts (bone health)
•Reduced Oxygen in All Cells (Foggy Brain)
•Feeling Grumpy